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Save the Date!
April 4th is the upcoming date for the Holmen Area Rotary Club's Service Auction. The Service Auction will be held at the Lunda Center at WWTC in La Crosse. 
This event is the clubs biggest fundraiser of the year and provides a majority of the funds that allows the club to do their work in the community. It is a lot of fun! With live auction of unique services and  items, bucket raffles, 50/50 raffles and more. Non-stop action. Appetizers and drink.
Tickets $20 are in advance. Buy a table for 8 and get drink tickets, table candy and a table tent with your company name on it for only $200. 
See the list of last years items offered as an example of the goodies you could win....http://holmenarearotary.org/Page/2018-service-action-highlights
Sponsorship Options are available!
In return for your support, your company’s name and logo will be prominently posted at the entrance, in our program, on the tables and on the large screen prior to the event starting. Additionally, if you would like to attend we will provide complimentary tickets for you and your guests. Just let us know how many you would like.
To get tickets or become a sponsor please contact Judy at Judymchugh@msn.com or call (608) 780-1628  
Saturday night, February 9th,  Holmen Area Rotary Club members got together at Drugan's Castle Mound to break bread and reflect on the past years achievements and listen to future plans for the club. Barry Ploessl stood before the crowd and listed the year's many efforts and also put out a challenge to provide significant support for the proposed Holmen Community Center.
Scott Marshall was voted as the Rotarian of the Year. Scott has been active with the Holmen Community Garden and also providing a good story and a welcome laugh at the weekly club gatherings. Congratulations Scott!
Incoming President Art Lyons spoke about his plans to continue the successful programs but to also look at new opportunities for the club.
Wednesday's HARC meeting was a treat with Sami Helgeson stopping by to update the club on her activities since being a Rotary Exchange student. Sami was drawn to the Holmen High School Rotary Interact Club with their "Service Above Self" message. She was accepted as the 2014-2015 outgoing Holmen Area Foreign Exchange Student and spent almost a year living with a host family and attending school in Indonesia. Sami is now attending University of Denver, working towards a double major in Environmental Science and International Studies.  Sami has been very active, volunteering for PlatteForum, Charles Hay World School PTSA and DU Public Achievement, an internship at the EPA, participating in the Pioneer Leadership Program - University of Denver and involved with food resource programs Plates for the Planet and Food Recovery at DU. 
As part of her studies, Sami has participated in the University's Study Abroad program, learning Arabic and spending the last semester living in Amman Jordan in the Middle East. There she was embedded into the community, living with a host family and experiencing the culture. She witnessed first hand the effects of over a million Syrian refugees and the humanitarian issues that ensue. As part of the experience, Sami traveled to the United Nations European Offices in Switzerland and met with representatives of front line NGOs like Doctors Without Borders. She was able to use her environmental sciences knowledge through an internship at Queen Rania Family and Child Center, working on an agricultural curriculum for their educational greenhouse. 
Sami's future goals are to graduate in 2020 and then apply to the Peace Corps. Sami attributes her global mindset to the opportunities offered by Rotary. Rotary International states "Rotary’s programs are developing the next generation of leaders, providing funding to make the world a better place, and making peace a priority." I think they succeeded here.
iFeed November 3rd 2018 - Team HARC helped fill 101,088 meals that are on their way to Nicaragua to feed hungry children. Over 35,000 food items were collected to fill the shelves at local food pantries thriough the Hunger Task Force. Way to go Team HARC! 
The Holmen Area Rotary Club recently donated Festival Foods Gift cards so that 10 families in New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers' program could have a Thanksgiving meal. If you are not familiar with New Horizon's , check them out at http://www.nhagainstabuse.org/.  They are on the front line in the fight against domestic and sexual abuse in the La Crosse area. New Horizons provides shelter and services to a seven county (population 238,236) area in Wisconsin and Minnesota. The Shelter is staffed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year to provide emergency shelter and food to victims of domestic violence and their children. Along with the physical needs, New Horizon's also provides ongoing counseling and advocacy programs. In 2017 they fielded over 2500 calls to their crisis line,  provided over 260 men women and children with more than 10,000 nights of safe shelter and provided free and confidential services to over 1500 victims. New Horizon's receives some grants but relies heavily on donated funds to do their work. If you aren't a donor today, think about adding this worthwhile cause to your list.
Many hands make quick work. This fall's Holmen Area Rotary Club's Highway cleanup was done in record time due to the number of enthusiastic volunteers that showed up. The day was windy and cold with a freaky sleet/snow storm in the middle of it but there was nary a complaint. The Holmen High School Interact club turned up in force, showing the old folks how to do it. They even had a dance contest going on roadside to some Christmas classics. Thank you to all that showed up on a challenging day and  picking it all up! Holmen is a much prettier place for it.  
The Holmen Area Rotary Club was honored to receive a grant  from Rotary District 6250 to help with the efforts on the Holmen Community Garden. The Garden was started last year and 2800 lbs of produce donated to the community. This year the amount of ground tilled was doubled and it is estimated that almost 7000 lbs of food will be harvested. The veggies went to St Elizabeth's Food Pantry, Hunger Task Force, WAFER, Prairie Home, McHugh Manor, Ponderosa, Senior Meals at the Village Hall, Holmen's Hope Community Dinner and other avenues. Josh Mansee, District 6250 Grants Sub Committee Chair  and District 6250 Assistant Governor Patt Boge presented Tom Knobloch and Scott Marshall with a check for $2950 which will be used to buy gardening equipment. Hoes, shovels, wagons, rototiller, mower and additional storage space. 
On the morning of August 15th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club slept in instead of going to their regular am meeting at the Village Hall. In its place, they all met at the Holmen Community Garden Wednesday evening. Now what do you get when you put the Holmen Rotary and the Holmen Community Garden together? A mountain of sweet corn of course! The members picked buckets of cucumbers, boxes of tomatoes, zounds of zukes and  wheelbarrows of sweet corn. Some of this fresh bounty was grilled and consumed before it could be carted away, washed down with a soda or barley pop. As you read this, these veggies are working their way into the community, available at designated sites and local food pantries. Approximately 1500 pounds of produce was picked and distributed. 
On July 31st, Scott Marshall Wrote;
Thanks a ton for the help tonight from the Trail Blazers 4H Club at the Holmen Community Garden. We collected over 200 pounds of veggies for our community. We truly appreciate any help we can get. And the best part ......FREE VEGGIES.
Wednesday's Holmen Area Rotary Cub meeting's highlight was a visit from Rotary District 6250's new Governor Bill Hoel and Assistant Governor Pat Boge. Bill spent some time going over the future focus of Rotary. Polio eradication is still Rotary International's prime focus. There were over 350,000 cases a year when Rotary took on the massive task of trying to eradicate the disease. So far this year there have been only 12 cases. Rotary will stay focused until the virus is gone. That means not only no more cases in the human population but no live virus detected for 3 years. Bill also expressed thanks for the amount of work done by the Holmen Area Rotary Club and said that we should be proud of the efforts the club has done in the community and for humanity. And that we should share that pride and "Be The Inspiration" for others. Thanks for coming and sharing with the club Bill and Pat! We look forward to doing some great things together in the new year. For more info on how Rotary makes a difference in the world go to https://www.rotary.org
At Wednesday's July 18th HARC meeting, two short term Foreign Exchange students were welcomed and Rotary flags exchanged. Sasha Cromheeke was hosting Camilla Quimto from Italy and Lizzie Pfaff was hosting Silvia Scavello, also from Italy. The short term program allows one of the students to spend 3 weeks in the host country and then the host student travels back to the exchange students home for 3 weeks in their country. Ms. Quimto comes from the Rotary Club Corato in Corato Italy and Ms. Scavello from Rotary Club Varedo E Del Seveso in Milan, Italy. As HARC Student Liaison Scott Ryan explained, "These connections provide insight to other cultures and creates understanding between people from faraway places, promoting peace." Welcome to Holmen !
Tommy, Tommy, how does your garden grow? Too fast!
The Holmen community garden is popping with huge green tomatoes, peppers, corn, cukes, zuchs, beans, peas, squash, punkins, onions and what all. Tomatoes are starting to ripen.  Could use some help picking beans, thinning out the weeds and doing the rain dance. For motivation please follow link- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g0C4FOL1qIw
The Community Service Committee will try have someone at the garden to help coordinate volunteers on
Monday, Friday and Saturday mornings 8-11am and Tuesday, Thursday Nights from 5-8pm.
Holy Cow did we have fun Rotary Rock N Ribs! From the BBQ to the BASS, Bands and Great Friends! We had some amazing partners and many Team Members all work so hard for this!
On Wednesday June 27th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club were privy to Holmen High School Student Anja Houghtaling's  draft of her origin's presentation. No, you are not having de ja vue. Anja is Zoe Houghtaling's sister. Anja will be traveling to Thailand to live with a host family for a year and Zoe heads to Brazil. Anja's stay will be in the mountainous Chiang Mai province in the northwest corner of the country. Both leave in August.  Mom Tracy said this about her sudden empty nest " First, I will have a major breakdown, then try and find out who I am again."  Anja's presentation includes information about herself, her family, activities and interests along with interesting local information. These presentations can be given in the host country to the local rotary club, school etc. when the student arrives. Anja has been boning up on the Thai language and customs so that she can converse with the locals. We wish Anja a safe and wonderful adventure!
On Wednesday June 13th, Holmen High School Student Zoe Houghtaling (pronounced Hoteling) presented to Holmen Area Rotary Club a draft of her origins presentation. Zoe is being sponsored by HARC as an outbound foreign exchange student later this summer. Ms. Houghtaling will be traveling to Brazil to stay with a host family for close to a year. The origins presentation is what the student uses to show her host and new friends what her hometown and state are like, along with a description and pictures of her family, school and activities. The Holmen Area Rotary Club has sponsored more than 30 young people both inbound and outbound as foreign exchange students in the 10 short years of being a Rotary Club. These opportunities to experience other cultures first hand promotes a greater understanding of other cultures, build strong multinational friendships and advance world peace.  We wish Zoe safe travels and know that she and her sister Anja represents the best of Holmen. 
On Wednesday, June 6th, Holmen Area Rotary Club's Justin Bodine was able to present a check to Sarah Sceery, Director of Development for Casa Hogar Juan Puablo II Orphanage.  Justin was able to raise a phenomenal $2840 by hand making 10 friendship bracelets and offering them up at the recent HARC Service Auction. Ms Sceery was also able to update the HARC members on the Casa Hogar Mission. The Casa Hogar orphanage in Lima Peru provides a family environment for 65 at risk children between the ages of 4 and 17. The Orphanage organizes the children into family units of 8 children, 4 groups of boys and 4 groups of girls. This structure helps the children develop interpersonal and social skills, lasting relationships and support structure. A recent addition is a program called 'Project of Life' that continues support of these children after they turn 17. This program helps the adolescent to create a life plan whether to further education or work toward employment. Casa Hogar was started as a mission of the Lacrosse Diocese so has a local La Crosse connection.  Way to go Justin!  And thanks to Casa Hogar for giving these children a chance!
For more info go to http://www.homeajpm.org/
The Holmen Community Garden lost it's stealth status over the weekend. The shed got painted in Lion's and Rotary Colors and is a real eye catcher. The raised beds were set and planning done to get the ground fertilized and turned by the end of next weekend. We'll be planting soon! Thanks to all that participated!
On Saturday, April 28th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club and Holmen Interact Club got together and did their semi-annual road clean-up. Once the snow finally melted, the massive amount of litter emerged. Clean-up took a little longer this time, due to the heavy amount of debris strewn through the ditches. There were 24 trash bags filled due to the group's efforts. 
Thank you to all those that showed up on a windy day to fill up trash bags! Holmen looks better for it.
Art Lyons spoke this morning about past international projects and current efforts being done on behalf of the Holmen Area Rotary Club. Providing clean water is one of the 6 main missions of Rotary. According to Rotary International, "Clean water, sanitation, and hygiene education are basic necessities for a healthy environment and a productive life. When people have access to clean water and sanitation, waterborne diseases decrease, children stay healthier and attend school more regularly, and mothers can spend less time carrying water and more time helping their families." 
It all started 8 years ago with HARC establishing a contact with a Rotary Club La Molina in Peru and utilizing Water Missions International's expertise to start a project to provide 220 sand filters to a community in need. The initial project was possible by taking advantage of Rotary's ability to amplify funds through Rotary grants. The $7K from HARC  was matched by the Rotary District office and again matched by Rotary International to fund a $25K project. This project was very successful and used as a template by other Rotary Clubs to further fulfill the need. Ultimately 5000 of these special sand filters have been installed into Peruvian households. For info on the Peruvian water filter project watch the video at https://player.vimeo.com/video/33735494
In 2017, the Holmen Area Rotary Club partnered with the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club to assist with their $50K Peruvian water project in the community of Ivan Vasquez. The project includes a central, solar powered treatment facility and Rotary's WASH hygiene education program. The facility becomes a public utility for sustainability in the community. The project for 2018 is to continue to partner with the Lakewood Ranch Rotary Club and establish a similar solar powered treatment facility for the Peruvian community of Monte Castillo. Monte Castillo is a larger community of 12,000 people with a school and clinic. This project carries a $80K price tag but is again possible through the ability to take initial donations and increase them through available Rotary grants.   To learn more about Rotary's water projects go to https://www.rotary.org/en/our-causes/providing-clean-water .  
Last night was wild! The HARC Club members and affiliates put up a fantastic selection of basket and live auction items for folks to bid on. The cakes were awesome again this year.
The evening started with a raucous social hour, with delicious hors d'oeuvre and drinks. Formal activities started with current Club President, Barry Ploessl giving a short speech about Rotary and its main missions, stressing Rotary's quest to eradicate polio worldwide. And with that, we were off! Auctioneer Alex Goodman and MC Brad Dinsmoor, kept up a frenetic pace with the audience,  item after item. The action was intense,  with Alex's auctioneer cantor, mixed in with some good natured ribbing and cajoling made for a fun evening.  Throughout the night, Bev Rott, Art Lyons and Dean McHugh gave participants some time to catch their breath as they spoke about the club's local, national and international activities and goals.  The Holmen High Interact Club trolled the crowd all night, giving out purple pinkies for donations to eradicate polio. The evening culminated with the auctioning off of 10 handmade bracelets from Justin Bodin with precedes going to Casa Hogar orphanage in Peru. 
The Holmen Area Rotary Club's would like to give a heartfelt thank you!  to all those that attended and supported the Club at their annual service auction last night. Your generous contributions will be amplified by the club members as they do their work in the community and internationally in the coming year.   
On February 24th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club came together at Drugan's for their annual dinner meeting. After a fantastic buffet dinner, the club took time to reflect on the past year and give thanks to those that helped make it a success. Jason Munz gave the Presidents address as his last official act of his too short presidency. Jason has taken a new job in Eau Claire and we will miss him. The past years projects and activities are numerous;  The Community Garden, Holmen's Hope dinner and packing backpacks, Thanksgiving dinners for New Horizon Shelter, Deerwood Park Shelter commemoration, IFEED, Highway clean-up, High School Student of the month Scholarships, STRIVE Mentors, Foreign Exchange Student, Rotary Lights, Interact Club, Rockin Ribs, Habitat for Humanity, supporting polio eradication and many more. 
Scott Ryan stepped up and introduced the two Host families that made foreign exchange student Pranav's stay possible. The Wendie and Mark Schmitt family hosted Pranav for the first school semester and Lisa and Terry Kind family hosted Pranav for the second semester.  Scott quoted Mark Twain when explaining the importance of this cultural exchange who stated “Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime.” So true. 
Judy McHugh and Scott Ryan both received Paul Harris Fellowship Awards. The Paul Harris Fellowship rewards those that contribute significant support to The Rotary Foundation of Rotary International.
The Rotarian of the Year award was also presented. According to Rotary, this annual award is designated for the one Rotarian in your club who clearly stands out in demonstrating "Service Above Self," and principled commitment to the Four-Way Test.  A nominee should be an outstanding club member who has made significant contributions to the mission and operation of your club, and to one or more avenues of Community or International Service. The recipient this year was Bob Buck. (yours truly- totally surprised, humbled and in the words of Wayne and Garth "not worthy"- thank you!)
Barry Ploessl stepped up as incoming President and gave a speech outlining things to come and looking forward on new ideas to keep the club fresh. 
On Friday night , February 9th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club sponsored a wild party at the Legion. The participants ate at the Taco Bar, consumed various drinks, shook their bootees dancing, played games of questionable skill and listened to fabulous music from the Shufflin' Duprees. The focus of the event was to have fun but to also entice new folks to become interested in Rotary. It was a blast for all who came and surely a sad day if you missed it!
Tis Rotary Lights Season!
On Sunday November 26th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club and Rotary Club of La Crosse East volunteered to work the Rotary Lights, La Crosse. Rotary Lights is a cooperative effort among the area's Rotary Clubs, numerous other non-profit groups and volunteer organizations and sponsors. Over 4 million lights, Santa workshop, live nativity scene and more. Admission is free but a donation in cash or food item is greatly appreciated. Over 250,000 food items are donated by his event every year to the area's food pantries. To learn more check them out at http://www.rotarylights.org/
The Holmen Area Rotary Club members donated and shopped to provide shelter clients a Thanksgiving meal. 10 families sponsored by New Horizons will receive a bag containing the ingredients to create a traditional Thanksgiving meal. The New Horizons Shelter and Outreach Centers are a shelter for individuals and families who have experienced domestic violence. Their mission is to  provide safety and services to adults and families who have experienced domestic and sexual abuse so that they can make decisions about their lives in a supportive, nonjudgmental and empowering atmosphere. They answered over 2100 calls to their crisis hot line and sheltered almost 200 men, women and children with almost 11,000 nights of shelter in 2016. Providing these Thanksgiving meals allows some of the displaced to feel a small sense of normalcy. Along with the meals, the Rotary Club also provided a box of miscellaneous individual toiletries and gift cards. 
To learn more about New Horizons visit them at http://www.nhagainstabuse.org/
A hard freeze has put an end to any outdoor Community Garden activities, giving us time to reflect on how the year went and make plans for the future.
Thank you ! to all the volunteers that took time to help out.
This was the first year for the Community Garden in Holmen and a lot of experience gained during the year. The Garden is a joint effort between the Holmen Lion's Club, the Holmen Area Rotary Club and Gundersen Hospital. The garden is located on the North side of Holmen off of Holmen Drive. Approximately 1/2 acre was planted and over 2700 pounds of produce was harvested and distributed over the year. Most of the produce was taken to the local food pantry at St. Elizabeth's, offered during the public lunch at the Village Hall, during Holmen's Hope with some being taken to Hunger Task Force in La Crosse.  This was a successful start but there were plenty of lesson's learned. When to plant, what to plant, what was accepted by recipients, what grew best and what didn't, how to distribute the harvest, watering management, lack of volunteers when needed and weeds. A meeting was held recently between the members of the Holmen Area Rotary Club Community Service Committee and members of the Holmen Lion's Club to discuss the garden and exchange information. Already there are plans being formulated to go at it again next year, bigger and better.  Some of the ideas/plans going forward- 
  • Increase size of the available plot.
  • Fix up and paint the shed.
  • For fall-early spring have soil tested, plowed, add compost/fertilizer.
  • Increase the number of available volunteers, especially during mid to late May. Direct appeal to create opportunities- for area church groups, youth to fulfill community service hours, etc.
  • Be on the lookout for needed materials- inexpensive fencing for tomato cages, straw or used silo bags to keep weeds down.
  • Improve management of volunteers with easy to follow garden structure and accessible priority task list on site.  
  • More focused mix of plantings.
I am sure 2018 will be a better year for the Community Garden and the people that it will help. Even if you think you have a brown thumb, consider becoming a Community Garden sponsor or volunteer. 
What is I-FEED?
I-FEED is an annual Rotary event that focuses on supplying food locally and to other parts of a hungry world. This year's event was November 4th at Logan High School in La Crosse Wisconsin. Hundreds of people showed up to participate. There were 36 teams of 12 people each that spent their Saturday packing basic meals that are easy to heat and eat. The Holmen Area Rotary Club sponsored three teams, two Holmen High School Interact teams and one adult club team.  Each team mans a table and has to measure and fill ingrediants in each bag, heat seal it and create the master carton of 36 meals. The action is fast and furious, with people cheering the teams on. Money collected goes to purchase the basic meal ingredients. The meal consists of a combination of rice, soy, dried vegetables and a vitamin enriched protein powder.  Each meal bag can feed 6 people.  The teams packed a total of 77,000 meals for distribution. The meals were originally destined for Nicaragua.  However  this year, on short notice, 21,000 of the meals  were trucked to Minneapolis and  put on a Delta flight to  Puerto Rico to help with hurricane relief efforts there. Also as part of the event, non-perishable food items were collected. During I-FEED 2017, 26,300 food items were collected and donated to the Hunger Task Force. The Hunger Task Force is a supply resource for the area's food pantries. 
On Saturday October 28th, Holmen's Hope had their First Annual Chili and Mac-n-cheese contest. Holmen's Hope is a local charitable organization strongly supported by the Holmen Area Rotary Club. The event drew a large crowd to sample the 13 Chili and 4 Mac-N-Cheese entries. The recipes were tasted and judged by Professional Kansas City Barbecue Society Judges along with a 'Peoples Choice' award, voted on by the public tasting the various fare.  
Silent Auction, Bucket Raffle, Root beer floats added to the fun! Over $8000 was collected by Holmen's Hope for their school backpack program. 
The winners were;
People’s Choice - Donna Lombard (Late Entry)
1st place  –Eric Davidson (Team Journey)
2nd place –Trinity Drugg (Texas Roadhouse)
3rd place- Andy Niles (Holmen Marine)
Mac n Cheese
People’s Choice- Dave Pehl (Dad Can Cook)
1st Place – Features Holmen (HHS National Honor Society)
2nd Place- Dave Pehl (Dad Can Cook)
3rd Place – Al Sauerwein (Big Al’s Ghetto Hop)
For more information on Holmen’s Hope or how you can help, please check out The Holmen's Hope Facebook page
Or contact Bev Rott @beverly2611@gmail.com
Wow! Even with the cold weather and blowing wind, the participation in the highway cleanup on Saturday was phenomenal. Because there were so many volunteers, the job was completed an hour earlier than was done in the past. "Thank you" to all who participated,  with a special "Thank you" to all the Holmen High School Interact Students that woke up early on a blustery day to make our community cleaner.  
On Oct 25th the Holmen Area Rotary Club Members had their regular Wednesday meeting not at the Holmen Village Hall but at Coulee Life Church on Sandlake Rd, helping the folks at Holmen's Hope pack up the food packages used to fill the backpacks given to students in need. The backpack program provides nourishment to students that would otherwise go hungry over the weekend. The 44 backpacks that were packed up go to help feed 107 students identified by the School District of Holmen as being at risk. It costs about $200/yr/student to provide these backpacks. Another 22 children were recently added to the list of those in need. The Holmen Area Rotary Club  also provided Holmen's Hope a check for $2000 for the Backpack program. This is enough to sponsor 10 children for the school year.  A Chili and Mac contest is scheduled for Saturday at the American Legion to help raise additional money to keep the program going.
Saturday October 21st, Holmen Area Rotary Club Members pitched in to help with the Habitat for Humanity-La Crosse Area 5th and Mississippi street project. Dodging raindrops, an erosion barrier and safety fence were erected, floors cleaned, cabinets moved, windows cleaned, shelves built and painted and many more tasks were completed. The HARC shared the day on site with the Ladies on Ladders Group from the La Crosse Area. They swing a mean hammer. Good Luck to Sue and Andi and their trip to a Habitat build in Cambodia! A group from the Holmen High School Rotary Interacters also took part, breaking a sweat for a good cause. By the end of the day everyone left dirty and tired with a sense of real accomplishment. Thanks to those that participated and hope you can join again next time. For more info about Habitat and the La Crosse build please visit http://www.habitatlacrosse.org/.
On Saturday September 9th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club in conjunction with Thrivent held an electronic recycling event in Holmen. The drop off was conveniently located right off route 35, in the parking lot of McHugh Excavating. All Saturday morning, people showed up to get rid of their old electronic devices. TVs, monitors, radios, printers, desktops, laptops, microwaves, you name it were dropped off.  Some of it still looked good and had to restrain myself from pulling that big boom box out of the bin, setting it on my shoulder and rocking out. Food for hurricane victims and donations for Holmen's Hope were also collected. By noon, almost a semi-load of electronic gear was collected. That is a lot of stuff that will be recycled responsibly instead of winding up in a landfill causing future pollution.  Thanks to McHugh Excavating, those that volunteered and those that dropped their old junk off!

Recently the Holmen Area Rotary Club (HARC) and members of the community met to commemorate the new Deerwood Park picnic shelter recently built as a HARC Community Service project. Great conversation with friends and fabulous food was had by all. The skies even opened up and it started to rain but under the new shelter all was dry.  The picnic shelter can be reserved by contacting the Village of Holmen. The Holmen Area Rotary Club would like to thank the businesses, organizations and individuals for their help in making this addition to the community a reality.
  • Brickl Bros Inc
  • Bahr Electric
  • Midwest Concrete Professionals
  • The Village of Holmen
  • Dave and Barb Skogen
  • Holmen Youth Baseball League
  • Larry and Elaine Bodin
  • Features
  • Holmen Lion's Club
  • Holmen Area Foundation
  • Rotary Works Foundation 
  • and many more

अभिवादन करना (Welcome) Pranav!
On August 14th, Pranav Waghanna came to Holmen from India as part of the Rotary Youth Exchange program. Exchanges for students 15 to 19 years old are sponsored by Rotary clubs in more than 100 countries. Students that participate in the Exchange Program learn leadership skills, make new long lasting friendships, learn a new culture and language and become truly global citizens. Pranav will be staying with a local host family and starting the academic year at Holmen High school in the fall. 
At the Wednesday August 23rd Holmen Area Rotary Club meeting Pranav was officially recognized and exchanged his home town Rotary banner for a Holmen banner with Jason Munz, current club President.  
Let's engage with Pranav and learn about the Indian culture. And also show him the best that the Holmen Area, Wisconsin and this Country has to offer. 

Rock-N-Ribs 2017
Smashing Success
Thank You to all the participants and attendees of this years Rock-N-Rib Fest! The 2017 Rock-N-Ribs Competition June 23rd and June 24th was a great success for the La Crosse Valley View Rotary and the Holmen Area Rotary Clubs. The event saw an increase in participation and drew huge crowds. The list of Winners of the cooking competitions can be seen at www.rotaryrocknribs.com. The food was hot and tasty and the musical talent was spectacular. Minneapolis cover band Hairball gave one heck of a show on Friday night. Not only was the music fantastic, but the constant costume changes to emulate the lead singer of the covered band were phenomenal!
If you missed it this year, make sure you set aside the time for Rock-n-Ribs 2018. 
"Only two things that money can't buy and that's true love and homegrown tomatoes" - John Denver
Holmen Community Garden
The Holmen Community  took a step in fighting hunger by breaking ground on a new Community Garden on the north side of town. The garden is a collaborative effort between Gunderson Hospital, The Holmen Lions Club and the Holmen Area Rotary Club. On June 8th, representatives from Gunderson, The Holman Lions and the Holmen Area Rotary Club gathered to dedicate the garden and do a little planting. Food from the garden will go to those in need through direct donation or local food pantry. For those wanting to help out, work nights are Tuesdays and Thursdays from 6 to 8 PM. The garden is located between Green Mound Cemetery and Route 35 off of Bluffview Drive. For more info contact Tom Knobloch of the Holmen Area Rotary Club or John Oliver of the Holmen Lions. 
Wednesday Morning June 7th The Holman Area Rotary Club was visited by Monsignor Joseph Hirsch, director of the Casa Hogar Orphanage in Lima Peru. Casa Hogar Juan Pablo II is a mission of the Diocese of La Crosse. Msgr Hirsch told the group how the orphanage operated and the mission behind the work being done there. The orphanage has 64 children, 32 boys and 32 girls each broken up into groups of 8, creating a 'Family' This family dynamic creates strong interpersonal relationships, morals and faith.  Msgr Hirsch gave an inspiring talk on the purpose of the Casa Hogar Mission and service above self. Msgr Hirsch was also personally able to accept a check from the Holmen Area Rotary Club with funds procured by special efforts of Rotarian Justine Bodin for the orphanage.
Monsignior Joseph Hirsch, Holmen Area Rotary Club President Adam Fleis and Rotarian Justin Bodin
For more information on the Casa Hogar Mission use this link- http://www.homeajpm.org/home/ 
Come check out Holmen Rotary and Do Good in the World with us.

A video compilation by Holmen Rotary member Steve Johnston and his company the WOW Factory.  The video shows many of the successful projects of our Rotary club including Peru Biosand Water Filters, Student Exchange, Holmen Police K-9 unit, E-cycle, Halfway Park Clock, and Holmen High School Interact Club.  We meet 7am Wednesdays at Holmen Village Hall.  Come join us.  We need your help to change our community and our world.

In 1985 when Rotary began its polio eradication efforts, there were 350,000 cases annually in 125 countries.  In 2014 the fight is down to three countries:  Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria and only 147 cases reported year to date.  Rotary will continue its efforts until every last case of this dreaded disease has been eliminated and all children of this world grow up free of this threat.
Zone Institute training for Rotarians from New York to Nebraska took place this fall in La Crosse.  Rotarians raised over $92,000 for Rotary's polio eradication efforts during this five day event.  Holmen Rotary's own Justin Bodin raised $2,500 of the amount himself through the sale of 100 special friendship bracelets he made for the event.  With two to one matching by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the total amount resulting from the La Crosse event will be $277,000.  That's enough to immunize over half a million children against polio! 
Upcoming Events
Rotary 4 Way Test
  1.  Is it the TRUTH?
  2. Is it FAIR to all concerned?
  4. Will it be BENEFICIAL to all concerned? 

Various Current and Past Projects
  • Holmen's Hope Monthly Community Dinner
  • Purchased 1st Police K-9 for Village of Holmen
  • Boy Scout Building Restoration at Camp Decorah
  • Deerwood Park shelter Construction
  • Holmen Area Community Garden supporting Holmen Food Pantry
  • Bio-sand Water Filters in Peru serving over 2,500  Residents
  • Youth Foreign Exchange Program with Holmen HS
  • Kenya Cow Project
  • Centralized Sanitation and Water System in Rural Peru Community
  • Christmas Presents to children in Peru
  • Holmen High School Scholarships
  • Respect Retreat for Holmen HS Students
  • STRIVE Program for Mentoring Holmen HS Students at risk
  • RYLA Leadership Training for Holmen HS Students
  • Students of the Month for Holmen HS Seniors
  • E-Waste Recycling
  • Adopt a Highway Roadside Clean-up
  • Thanksgiving Dinners for New Horizons
  • Rotary Clock in Halfway Creek Park
  • Rotary Lights
  • Back Pack school supplies
  • Free Summer Lunches in Holmen Parks for Children
  • Tons of Taters Potato Donation to Food Pantry