Posted by Bob Buck on Jan 24, 2022
An Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) is an important lifesaving device used to treat individuals experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest.  According to the Pulse Point App there are 20 AEDs located in Holmen Area schools, some churches and other area businesses. The Holmen Area Rotary Club has established a new grant program that would significantly reduce the cost of buying an AED. The goal is to encourage more businesses to have one of these life saving devices available at their place of business.  The Holmen Area Rotary Club is partnering with a group of Nursing Students from Winona State University to assist in updating current AED location information and encourage businesses to install an AED into their facilities.  Businesses located in the Holmen School District can indicate their interest in obtaining a AED by  5/1/2022.  If selected to receive an AED, they would receive a unit, a wall cabinet and signage at no cost from by the Holmen Area Rotary Club. 
It would be a good idea to load the Pulsepoint App into your phone so that you can home into the closest AED in an emergency.  The App can be found through the App store located on your phone. It is a free download.