2021 Service Auction
2021 Holmen Area Rotary Club's
Annual Service Auction Fundraiser
Live Auction of Unique Items and Services
Bucket Raffle
Fun, Fine Food, Drinks and more!
July 22nd 2021 Starting at 5:00 PM
At the Cargill Room at the Waterfront
332 Front Street South, La Crosse WI 54601
Tickets are $25 each or sponsor a table for $250 for a group of 8.
Tickets can be purchased by contacting Judy McHugh at 608-780-1628
Thank You to our Event Sponsors - 
Live Auction Items so far...........
  • Let Me Mow Your Lawn All Summer   -    Due to the timing of this year's auction, this item has already been sold for 2021!
    • A Holmen Rotarian will take care of mowing your lawn in the La Crosse, Holmen or Onalaska area for three consecutive months this summer. You decide on the months and leave it up to Scott. Maximum yard size 1 acre. (Service includes lawn equipment, fuel and labor.) Scott Ryan
  • Gourmet Cakes
    • One of these delectable gourmet cakes can be yours, if the price is right.  Yes, they do taste as good as they look!   Judy McHugh
    • List of Last Year's Cakes- 
      • Coconut  Cake  - Moist and fluffy coconut cake with layers of creamy filling.  A taste sensation topped with a silky buttercream and shaved coconut.  Simply coconut and simply delicious!
      • 2 X Almond Raspberry Cake - A delightful almond flavored cake with raspberry filling and a creamy buttercream frosting.  Topped with fresh, sweet raspberries, raspberry drizzle.  My personal favorite!
      • Chocolate Peanut Butter Cake - Extra rich and irresistible chocolate cake with layers of fudgy chocolate filling & topped with an abundance of sweet and salty peanut butter buttercream.  The chocolate drizzle & chopped Reese’s completes the perfect cake!
      • Lemon Poppyseed Cake - A delicious lemony cake with blueberry/raspberry filling, buttercream frosting and topped with fresh blueberries, raspberries & a lemon drizzle.  
      • Classic Carrot Cake - Four layers of moist cake with freshly grated carrots and golden raisins.  Filled with sweet and tangy cream cheese frosting and topped with toasted pecans.  A wonderful classic!
  • Gift of Flight
    • “Want to get Away?”  -  Wait no longer.  Let’s go to breakfast at Lone Rock Airport.  I will fly you there in a Cessna 172 airplane.  We can take aerial pictures along the way, “text and fly” with great cell phone coverage and feel what it is like to soar like a bird.  The restaurant has a great breakfast.  Included in the flight package is a first class breakfast with other pilots, a Cessna 172 replica coffee mug and a souvenir flying t-shirt.  Plan for 3 hours from start up to back at the hangar.   Your adventure could be any day of the week that works best for you.  You will be equipped with a live intercom headset to experience first-hand communication between the pilot and the control tower….  You will have the opportunity to fly the airplane via Visual Flight Rule with the option to track the flight on two separate GPS instruments, all from the confines of the front seat…  Why not experience what almost every young kid would love to do….  Let’s Soar Together! - Larry Bodin
  • MOTHERS Car Day Spa 

    • Car full of sand from all the trips to the beach this summer? A Holmen Rotarian will wash, polish and wax your car, SUV, van, or pick-up, clean the tires and wheels, wash the windows, vacuum up the Cheetos from under the seat, clean and treat the leather/vinyl and try and get your kids footprints off the headliner.  All using high quality MOTHERS California Gold wash, clay, polish, wax, tire/wheel cleaner, upholstery solutions and equipment. The winner gets to go home with a clean car and any of the remaining MOTHERS products. - Bob Buck
  • BBQ Dinner
    •  Dinner for 6 to 10 depending on the bid.  I'll do a small brisket, a small Boston butt, ribs and a small corned beef.  Leftovers.  I love to do it and I am pretty good at it, or should I say when its not quite perfect it's still delicious.

      All to the winning bidder.  My house or delivered along with all the fixings. -Barry Ploessl 

  • Tax Services 

    • Tax Preparation – Need a break from TurboTax or H&R Block? Perhaps dreading preparing your own tax return? Let a licensed CPA prepare and file your 2021 individual income tax returns. I am a tax manager with over nine years of experience and will prepare and file your Federal and (1) state individual income tax returns. We’ll connect after the auction. – Sam Crahan

  • Desserts Delivered for a Year

    • Treat yourself or someone you love to a homemade dessert delivered to them every month for a year (local area only). Baked by Chef Michele Seidel - Kathy Reinolt

  • Garden Helping Hands  

    • Do you have questions about what to plant, where to plant, why a plant failed, or just how to start?    Ask a Master Gardener!  Includes  4 Hours  of Spring and 4 hours of Fall Consultation, a big box of  top end gardening tools, $50 gift card to Christian Nursery and $50 gift certificate to Rudy's Feed and Seed and a beautiful  Sunflower stained glass stepping stone to cap it off! - Lisa Fisher

  • Sailing and Dinner on Lake Pepin

    • Join Kelly Dunn and his wife Loretta on their sailboat Kele as you spend an afternoon on beautiful Lake Pepin in Lake City, Minnesota.  You and your guest will meet them at Hansen's Harbor to board their 21 foot Hunter day sailor.  Then plan on being on the water for at least three hours as you view the majestic bluffs of the Mississippi.  Perhaps a bald eagle will fly by and snatch a fish from the lake.   After returning to the marina we will enjoy a nice dinner at a  local restaurant in Lake City.  The trip will be scheduled on a mutually agreeable date between the end of the auction and mid-September and is weather and wind dependent.  Both a weekend  day or weekday departures are possible.

  • In Home Foot Care 

    • Billy Crystal once said; “I can’t be funny if my feet don’t feel good.” With this auction item you are going to be hilarious! This item consists of 4 visits from a Certified Foot Care specialist, Ms. R Peterson, , RN, Masters in Nursing. Ms. Peterson will evaluate your foot health, trim your nails, including nails that are thickened, file any callouses, massage your feet and educate you about proper foot care. Each treatment is approximately 30-45 minutes in length. Visitation area limited to the within 20 miles of La Crosse.  –  Helen Lethlean

  • Kayaking Adventure #1  Kayaking on Lake Neshonoc

    • Ever Kayak before? Want to give it a try? Here is your chance to get out there and do it. This item is for the use of 2 kayaks on Lake Neshonoc for 1/2 a day.  Travel the lake, listening to the birds and taking in nature.  Watch the sunrise or the sunset from the lake. A bottle of wine and appetizers is included - Kim Clark

  • Ten Tastes of Peru

    • For 6-8 people. All of the recipes were brought back from  our four trips to set- up and evaluate the Holmen Area Rotary Club’s water project in Peru.
      ~Chicha Morada- a refreshing drink made from purple corn
      ~Cuasa -Limena tuna salad and vegetables rolled in potato patties
      ~ Ceviche- white fish marinated in lime juice
      ~Choclo con queso- Large kernel corn with fresh cheese
      ~Papa la Haucaina- potato and egg in spicy cheese sauce
      ~Aji de Gallina- shredded chicken in cheesy garlic sauce
      ~Anticuchos- marinated and grilled beef kabobs
      ~Yucca- fried root vegetable
      ~Arroz con leche-Light dessert with rice, milk, raisins and cinnamon
      ~Pisco sour-grape based liquor mixture, the national drink
      Your hosts will prepare and serve all of these items for you and your guests. Wine and other drink choices will also be available. –Nancy & Dean McHugh

  • Breakfast of the Month

    "If you look upon ham and eggs and lust, you have already committed breakfast in your heart." - C.S. Lewis .

    • Breakfast entrée of the month for 1 year, with a great coffee package included.
      Included will be a coffee basket and coffee maker, featuring items from Cozy Coffee, a coffee shop, bakery and boutique in Holmen, Wi: $20.00 gift card , coffee, Coffee filters, French Vanilla Coffee Mate creamer, Coffee Cannister with spoon measure, Frother,  several cups of various sizes ( one is a gag cup that looks like coffee spilling out, 3 books: Coffee for Dummies, The Coffee Recipe book, and I Love Coffee, Set of espresso cups with saucers, metal creamer, Set of 3 canvas art about coffee, (2) IKEA coasters, Chocolate covered coffee beans, Birdhouse decoration from Cozy Coffee boutique, Bakery items  purchased at Cozy Coffee purchased day of the auction: spoon cakes, protein balls, cookies, muffins. Entree to feed 6-8 people. - Peggy and Tom Knobloch

  • Original Watercolor -
    • Beautiful unique watercolor creation by artist Monica Utz - Jackie Jensen-Utz


Bucket Raffle Items so far ............
  • Gotta-hava-Java Basket - Coffee and more- Heather Jordon
  • Wisconsin Badger Basket  a pair of tickets to the home game against Eastern Michigan on Saturday, September 11th (6pm).  Plus Badger gear and goodies to go along with ! - Ryan Olson
  • 2X Family Photo Session - Get your family portrait updated! $500 Certificate - Mueller Photography 
  • Wine and Coffee - 3 Bottles of local Winery Elmaro Wines along with assorted Coffee from Cozy Coffee to wake you up. - Eric Davidson
  • Hair Care Package - Basket with Styling gift certificates and hair care products from Third Street Hair Gallery- Kim Clark
  • Chocolate and Wine Basket - self explanatory extravaganza. What's not to like? - Kris Mueller
  • Floral Basket - A beautiful addition to any home - George Hammond
  • Golf Basket - A basket full of golf items guaranteed to drop your score (or have fun trying)! - Cory Berget
  • Spa Basket - Pamper yourself or someone you love!  Carrie Travis
  • Bloody Mary Basket - All the best fixins to get you going in the morning - Scott Ryan
  • Post Covid Bar Restock Basket - All the bar basics that you probably used up the last 12 months. -  Alex Goodman
  • Family Fun Night - Fun popcorn maker and the popcorn to go with. Just in time for the next family movie night. - Nancy Proctor
  • Wine, Chocolate and Nut Basket - Who said you couldn't have it all! - Brett Gullicksrud
  • Cookie Basket - mmmm chocolate chip heaven - Bob Buck
  • Cheesecakapalooza - Almost too pretty to eat - almost - Judy McHugh
  • Handcrafted Wooden Table  - A work of art! -  Jim Labuzzetta
  • Spirit Basket - A sampling of handcrafted spirits made from locally grown ingredients - Lacrosse Distilling Company
  • Decorative Folk Art - A unique pair of hand painted old style milk cans to enhance any decor! - Callie Horstman
Games and Fun
  • Bean Bag Game - Use your bag toss skills or try your luck shooting for the high score. Each bag in the hole gives you a chance to win the deluxe game set! 
  • Try Holmen Raffle- Over $1000 in gift cards for Holmen Businesses. Just $20 a shot could save you hundreds! 
  • 50-50 Drawing- Buy a card from the deck and if your card is drawn you get half the pot! 
  • Purple Pinkie - Donate to the Rotary's fight against Polio and get your pinkie painted a truly fashionable purple