In 1985 when Rotary began its polio eradication efforts, there were 350,000 cases annually in 125 countries.  In 2014 the fight is down to three countries:  Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Nigeria and only 147 cases reported year to date.  Rotary will continue its efforts until every last case of this dreaded disease has been eliminated and all children of this world grow up free of this threat.
Zone Institute training for Rotarians from New York to Nebraska took place this fall in La Crosse.  Rotarians raised over $92,000 for Rotary's polio eradication efforts during this five day event.  Holmen Rotary's own Justin Bodin raised $2,500 of the amount himself through the sale of 100 special friendship bracelets he made for the event.  With two to one matching by the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the total amount resulting from the La Crosse event will be $277,000.  That's enough to immunize over half a million children against polio!