Posted by Bob Buck on Jul 26, 2018
Wednesday's Holmen Area Rotary Cub meeting's highlight was a visit from Rotary District 6250's new Governor Bill Hoel and Assistant Governor Pat Boge. Bill spent some time going over the future focus of Rotary. Polio eradication is still Rotary International's prime focus. There were over 350,000 cases a year when Rotary took on the massive task of trying to eradicate the disease. So far this year there have been only 12 cases. Rotary will stay focused until the virus is gone. That means not only no more cases in the human population but no live virus detected for 3 years. Bill also expressed thanks for the amount of work done by the Holmen Area Rotary Club and said that we should be proud of the efforts the club has done in the community and for humanity. And that we should share that pride and "Be The Inspiration" for others. Thanks for coming and sharing with the club Bill and Pat! We look forward to doing some great things together in the new year. For more info on how Rotary makes a difference in the world go to