Four Holmen Rotarians recently made their third trip to Lima Peru.  This time in addition to working on the club's ongoing clean water projects, Holmen Rotarians helped deliver Christmas presents to children in the poor villages courtesy of the fundraising efforts of fellow Rotarian Justin Bodin.

Justin Bodin, a member of Holmen Rotary is a cognitively challenged 25 year old.  However, he strongly believes in Rotary.  He contributes to the Rotary foundation with money from his job and participates in many of the club's service activities.  Justin's medical problems don't allow him to travel to Peru when his fellow club members visit the poor villages near Lima to work on the club's clean water projects.  However, Justin wanted to do something to help as well.  Justin came up with the idea that he would raise money so the children in these poor villages could have a very special Christmas celebration.  Justin made and auctioned off friendship bracelets at Holmen Rotary's service auction, raising $3,000!  In December 2013, Holmen Rotarians visited the villages near Lima and treated the children to a very special holiday courtesy of Justin.  There was a holiday show with a clown, music, dancing, cake, and drinks.  Then each of 220 children received a wrapped, age and gender appropriate gift.  All 100 girls also received a friendship bracelet made by Justin.  Our sister club La Molina Vieja assisted in purchasing and helping us to wrap and deliver the presents.  We explained Justin's situation to the children and our host club representatives helped with a very special message for the children inspired by Justin.  Roughly translated:  "DIS-abled is not UN-able".  We all have talents and abilities which can be used to help others less fortunate.