Posted by Bob Buck on Sep 13, 2017
On Saturday September 9th, the Holmen Area Rotary Club in conjunction with Thrivent held an electronic recycling event in Holmen. The drop off was conveniently located right off route 35, in the parking lot of McHugh Excavating. All Saturday morning, people showed up to get rid of their old electronic devices. TVs, monitors, radios, printers, desktops, laptops, microwaves, you name it were dropped off.  Some of it still looked good and had to restrain myself from pulling that big boom box out of the bin, setting it on my shoulder and rocking out. Food for hurricane victims and donations for Holmen's Hope were also collected. By noon, almost a semi-load of electronic gear was collected. That is a lot of stuff that will be recycled responsibly instead of winding up in a landfill causing future pollution.  Thanks to McHugh Excavating, those that volunteered and those that dropped their old junk off!